User Accounts, Access and Privacy

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This is a community website planned and designed primarily for the use of its members. As such, we may have content at the site such as discussions, events and most of all member profile information that we may not necessarily want to expose to the rest of the world. Hence, a reasonable amount of security & access restrictions are prudent. It follows naturally then, that only residents / select individuals have access to the site which further necessitates some form of verification that the registrant is a resident at the community. In hindsight this has been a very good decision because I have seen Texans, New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians and even individuals from as far as Russia all wanting to be “residents” at the community, without being physically here of course :o) - If there was instant, self account creation (without verification) all these guys (& gals) would have found “residence” in our community, eh, eh!

So I hope that residents understand that this manual account creation (i.e. Request an account first by filling out the details, the request is then approved by the site admin manually) is a necessary, one-time inconvenience and is well worth the security and privacy we can all enjoy collectively.

Creating a User Account:

Creating a user account is relatively straightforward:

  • Get started by clicking “Create New Account” link at the User Login area.
  • Fill out and submit the username you would like to have and your email address and other info.
  • You should get an account approval email within a day or less. 
  • Click on the temporary link in that email.
  • You’ll then be guided to set your own password.
  • Once you log into the site using your own username and password, delete the temporary email you received earlier. It will not be valid anymore (Also to avoid the confusion of wondering what that email is, later on!)
  • Keep your login info. safe. But not to worry if you lose the password you can have the system reset the password for you.

It's actually easier than reading the above bullet points :o)

Things to keep in mind with regards to user accounts:

  • Each account should be associated with a single individual with a unique email. Each family / household can have as many accounts as there are members in the family / household - this is encouraged. It is not recommended to create a sort of a group account. It will lead to unwanted results down the line. Some of the many examples where this could result in unwanted results is when you turn on auto notification or you subscribe to content, the system will send notification to the email address associated with the account. If you have a “group account” (where a username and password is used by more than one individual in the family to log in as if they are the same person) and another family member logs in to the site and subscribes to some content, the system will send notification to YOUR email (since it is associated with your Hampton website account), eventhough you did not subscribe to that content. Another example would be when another member requests a password reset ... there are many instances like these. So avoid all confusion; One account = one individual = unique email.
  • Please keep your profile up to date and complete. Some information is required while some is optional. A profile picture is very useful - like they say “so we can put a face on a name”. If you have any difficulty adding a picture, please email me a picture.